The ChapterNet Student Dashboard is your "one-stop-shop" for information related to the Scholarship America® and South Windsor Dollars for Scholars INC scholarship programs.  Simply log on and create, or update, your student profile.  It is important for the student to save his or her log-in and password information in a secure location of their choosing.  As you work your way through the application, the student dashboard to the left of the screen will indicate a % level of completion of each section.  It is important to remember each time you visit your profile, you must save any additions made by scrolling to the bottom of each page and clicking the [Save], [Save and Continue] or [Submit] button. This allows you to return to the application later to upload an essay (for example) without having to resubmit information. Students reported frequent returns to their profile and "layering" in requested information afforded them the time to think, create and submit their best work.   


Please note: emails received from either South Windsor Dollars for Scholars or our parent organization, Dollars for Scholars- Scholarship America will have the email address:  OR 


IMPORTANT UPDATE:  ALL persons using the Dollars for Scholars ChapterNet system will be required to have a new password every 365 days.  The requirements are as follows: 1. It cannot be a password you have used before; 2. It must contain at least 12 (twelve) characters; and 3. It must contain at least one upper case letter, one lower care letter, one number, and one symbol.  Non-adherence to this requirement may result in a user losing access to the ChapterNet system. 



A few things to remember:

1.) The portal to the South Windsor Dollars for Scholars INC will open annually on 21 January at 12:01AM- CST through 15 March, closing at 11:59 PM- CST.  Applications MUST be submitted electronically through this portal and only COMPLETE applications will be considered for scholarship award.  

2.) Any section requiring input from someone other than the student requires the student to identify that individual and supply that person's email address.  You can generate only ONE request for a LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION (South Windsor High School students see information below), and ONE request for TRANSCRIPT related information.  Once you submit the name, email address and item requested, the system will automatically generate an email request.  Return to your application to see if the requested material has been submitted.  If not, be sure the request has been directed to the appropriate person with the proper email address.  It is the responsibility of the student to monitor the submission of the requested items.

3.) Should you feel an additional letter of recommendation will provide a significant impact on your potential selection as a recipient, please request your teacher forward their letter to the identified counselor or counseling secretary.  They will follow the protocol established for provision of the letter of recommendation to South Windsor Dollars for Scholars INC. 

4.) Any additional essays or supporting documents may be scanned and uploaded into the DOCUMENT section of your application. 

5.) *Remember to return to your application often to check for any "missing pieces" of your application.* If something is missing, it is the student's responsibility to request the submission again within the application period, allowing for a reasonable time for the party to respond and submit the item.

6.  Unless otherwise noted, please answer any response or essay in 300 words or less, using concise language and well-constructed thoughts to convey your exact intent, using specific details if requested. 

7.  Please remember to return to the beginning of your application to update your profile before submitting your application.  Be sure you have ticked the "applicant" box, updated any changes in your address/ email/phone number, changes to your choice of major or intended college or university, and completed or submitted any additional essays or letters of recommendations.     

8. To reiterate, completion of the general application will allow qualified students to submit this general application for consideration of scholarships available through the Scholarship America® program as they are available. Each 21 January, students will be allowed access to the South Windsor Dollars for Scholars scholarship portal and can begin to answer the Custom Questions and submit any required essays or portfolios for consideration of the scholarships offered specifically by South Windsor Dollars for Scholars INC.  The portal shall remain open from 21 January at 12:01 AM- CST through 15 March at 11:59 PM- CST and ONLY completed applications will be taken under consideration.  It is the sole responsibility of the student to monitor the submission of the requested items and submit a completed application. 

For students who attend South Windsor High School, please address your requests for transcript information and counselor's letter of recommendation to the Counseling Secretaries who work with your individual counselors.  Students assigned to Mr. Briggs, Ms. Brown-Quinn, Mr. Peters, and Mr. Wry should direct their requests to Mrs. Smith at  Students assigned to Ms. Nordmark, Ms. Dobosz, and Ms.  Wlodarczyk should direct their requests to Ms. Benashski at

Students:  Click here to follow a link to an informative presentation you should read before you begin your application. 

Counselors providing Transcripts:  Click here to follow a link providing information on filling out and uploading the student transcripts.

Counselors providing Recommendations: Click here to follow a link providing information on completing student recommendation requests.

Non-Counselors Recommendations: Click here to follow a link providing information on completing student recommendation requests. 

If after reading this page and viewing the video links, you still have questions, please send them to Please allow 1-3 days before expecting a response or referral. 

Students and Parents: Click below to log into the ChapterNet Student Dashboard AFTER reading the information above!